School Clubs and Sport Teams

Flamingo for School Clubs and Sports Teams

Flamingo is the ideal Wisconsin Dells motel for lodging your high-school or college sport-team or special-interest club that needs to be in the area for games, meets, or conferences. Why?

  • Flamingo is a complex of suites, houses, and lodges—not just a single building. You can book a relatively isolated space or block of rooms, making it easy for you to supervise young athletes and club members.
  • Larger rooms mean lower costs for your team or club. Our largest rooms allow you to accommodate more athletes or club members in a single room, thus lowering your overall cost compared to other Wisconsin Dell motels.
  • Take advantage of deals on food. Forget those fast food joints. We work with some of the best local restaurants in the Wisconsin Dells, who are experienced at accommodating large groups of young people, and that offer special group discounts for Flamingo clients.
  • Let them party—you can get some sleep. Suites, houses, and lodges that are segregated from other motel/hotel guests virtually eliminate the worry that loud voices or music will disturb others and draw complaints: the #1 headache cited by coaches and chaperones on the road.
  • Pleasant, spacious, nicely-appointed common areas provide “social spaces” for teens and young adults. All Flamingo properties feature communal spaces where athletes and club members can work together and socialize—outside their rooms within eyeshot of adult supervision.

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